About Us

Great coffee is made up of a unique blend of flavorful coffee beans and passion. As a local and intimate coffee roastery, we're passionate about our coffee and invite you to experience the difference!

Karen Blankenzee has always been a coffee aficionado and in 2011 she obtained her certification as an official coffee taster. Her inspiration to start "Rosso Specialty Coffee" came after a visit to her friend’s coffee roasting factory in Hillsborough, NC. She received some sage advice and words of encouragement from her friend that provided the catalyst to introduce Rosso Specialty Coffee to the world. It was a major step and turning point in Karen's life. The business was launched in 2018 in Longwood, Florida with a clear mission -  improve coffee quality and flavor through premium blends and roast levels to suit every taste! You'll notice the difference after the first sip!

Why does coffee have to be so bitter?

This is an age-old question and the answer is quite simple - it’s all in the preparation!

At The Rosso Specialty Coffee, we go through painstaking effort to source only the finest green beans and adjust the roast levels to achieve a more complex, rich, and flavorful blend devoid of any smokey, pungent taste.

It takes a village... to grow coffee! The coffee growers, roasters, and baristas are equal contributors to the overall experience and partnership is key. We’re committed to our partners and remain in constant touch to explore new flavors and methods in order to bring you the finest coffee in every cup! We’re proud to be a part of this family!